Influential residents of MC

Living in a small town such as Michigan City, it is sometimes hard to believe that someone who grew up somewhere unfamiliar or not well known can become famous and recognized world-wide.

What many people don’t know is that there have been several Michigan City residents who have grown up to be very influential people.

A perfect example is Dag Kittlaus. Kittlaus graduated from Elston High School in 1985. Today, he is the co-founder of the Apple application Siri. He got the opportunity to come back to Elston and speak to a sold out crowd at a Purdue North Central Sinai Forum on September 29th, 2013.

One of Michigan City’s High School teachers, Mrs. Walker, was at the Forum and got to hear him speak. She said, “It was exciting to get to see him talk because everything is always possible and for him to be where he is now it is just amazing.” Kittlaus talked about creating Siri and where he thinks technology is taking us in the future.

Dag Kittlaus while speaking at the Purdue Sinai Forum.  Provided by The News Dispatch
Dag Kittlaus while speaking at the Purdue Sinai Forum.
Provided by The News Dispatch

In addition to Dag Kittlaus, Michigan City can also boast of the fourth most powerful man in the United States, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

He might not have graduated from Elston or Rogers High Schools but he did grow up in Michigan City.

Roberts went to local elementary school, Notre Dame Catholic Grade School, and then attended and graduated from La Luimere High School.

He took his seat on the United States Supreme Court on September 29th, 2005 and was voted as the Chief Justice.

The Supreme Court’s members are appointed by the President of the United States and serve for life.

Justice Roberts will remain the top member of the court until either he dies, or he retires.

These two men are exceptional examples of influential people who have grown up in Michigan City.

There have been many more people from our town who have gone on to make their mark.

Just to name a few William Walker, Jeremy Jones and Delray Brooks all played professional basketball. Shequitta Kelly became an assistant district attorney, and Brian Allen was a professional stunt man.

The graduates of Rogers, Elston, and Michigan City High Schools have become a good example of how anything is possible like creating the newest thing in technology or being on the Supreme Court.These people should serve as inspiration to everyone and show kids that no matter where you grow up, everyone has the opportunity to become someone and do something important. They also serve as reminders that if you follow your dreams anything and everything is possible. These alumni prove to everyone that there is great pride to be felt in having grown up in Michigan City.

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