Michigan City at a glance

Photo c/o: michiganexposures.blogspot.com
Photo c/o: michiganexposures.blogspot.com
Photo c/o: conference.kmccontrols.com
Photo c/o: conference.kmccontrols.com

Over the years, tourists have been coming to Michigan City to see all of the beautiful things we have here. Living here, we tend to take things for granted and don’t see the city like others’ that come here to visit. One of the things people come here to see is our beautiful lake and the zoo.
Lake Michigan is the second biggest out of the Great Lakes and was founded in the 1600’s. Tourists from all over the country come to see this lake and the lighthouse and are amazed at the view.
Sophomore, Lauren Skeen says, “I love going to the beach in the summer and even in the winter to take pictures. I think living here gives all of us a big opportunity to get out and do things even though some people don’t take advantage of living right next to it. In the summer I love going to the beach and seeing a whole bunch of people there because then I know they see it like I do, and take advantage of the beach like I do.”
Also in Michigan City we hold the annual Super Boat Great Lakes Grand Prix. This year the boats arrive on August 1st and start the annual ceremonies. Tourists from all over gather here to support the racers and our lake.
We also have the Washington Park Zoo which was founded in 1928 and holds 15 acres on a sand dune. The zoo holds more than 90 different species that are found throughout the world. At the zoo there is also a 70 foot look-out tower. The zoo is a great place to go for families with small children who like to look at all the different animals and feed the birds.
Almost everyone loves to go shopping and there are many tourists at the Lighthouse Mall. Shopping is a great way to end a vacation and get some fresh air walking around outside.
Senior, JaQuan Casey says, “I think the mall is great because it’s outside and you can walk to eat rather than staying inside all day. The mall has a lot of sport stores which is great for being an athlete. It’s also good for girls because they have a variety of stores that have purses, shoes, and clothes for them to choose from.”
Tourists come to Michigan City to spend money, and they can do that at the Blue Chip Casino. This casino is the only one to be built on the site and this hotel and spa is open year round. It has around 1,940 slot machines and an eight table poker room. This casino has many restaurants and shops to buy souvenirs.
The Lubeznik Center for the Arts is a place visitors come to who like a variety of different arts and the work of art is growing as tourists visit.
Junior, Adrienne Fuller says, “Art is getting more popular and since it is gaining popularity, more and more people go there to see and view all the art work. It gains more interest since they switch out art work and the pieces vary and include different things. Since its stationary you don’t have to take care of it really, workers just watch so things don’t get damaged.”
Another tourist’s attraction here in Michigan City is Barker Mansion. This house only had a family living in it for a short time and since then it has been used for special seasonal functions and educational purposes. Now that this mansion belongs to the city, they set up tours of the house and the grounds for an interesting experience. Today Barker Mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic places.
Tourists come from all over the world to see Lake Michigan and all the other attractions in Michigan City that we usually don’t pay much attention to.

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