Dance the night away

The halls are filled with chit chat about the next upcoming dance, Winterball. This is the time to dress your best, since the dance is semi-formal, and have a great time. This dance gives you the opportunity to wait for someone to ask you to go or instead of waiting for that guy to ask, you can go with all your friends.
Winterball is on February 22nd and it is hosted at the Orak Shrine at 8p.m until 12p.m.
This dance it sponsored by the Cityzen Newspaper and Alpha Yearbook staff. Each ticket sold allows the price of yearbooks to decrease and the monthly school papers get printed for free.
Junior, Brooke Westphal says, “It’s nice to get out of the high school and go somewhere else. Also, people really dress up for the night!”
For upperclassmen Winterball is a blast, they get together with all of their friends and make sure they make the night memorable. Freshmen get to experience this dance for their first time and won’t be disappointed.
Kristine Pedersen, a foreign exchange student, says, “I hope it will be very fun because it is all new to me since I have never tried it before!”
Girls always like it when they get asked in a way that is thoughtful and cute. Guys incorporate little things that mean a lot and the girls appreciate that.
Even though they don’t really go above and beyond, they always make sure it ends up being special.
“I was so scared last year because I was a freshman and I didn’t know what to expect!” says sophomore, Hanna Westphal.
“I think Winterball will be really exciting because there will be a DJ and all your friends will be there. I think I will definitely have a good time this year!” says freshman, Darnell Johnson.
Winterball is one of the days you can get together with all of your friends and have fun for the night.
If you like to dance, hang out with friends, and make memories, Winterball is just for you. Make sure to buy your ticket when they are available, you will not regret it.

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