New FDA Nutrition Labels

FDA Nutrition Labels
FDA Nutrition Labels

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The U.S Food and Drug Administration proposed to update the Nutrition Facts Label. The new nutrition labels help people better understand what it is they are eating and how much of it they are consuming.
Over the past twenty years, the serving size people consume has gone up. For example, drinks are usually consumed during one time not saved for another time or day.
The Nutrition Facts Label’s show how the serving sizes are bold and give a clearer idea on how much you would regularly eat. Also, the new labels emphasize the total amount of calories.
Not only are they trying to change the serving sizes, the FDA is trying to give the layout a new look.
The new design points out specific parts of the label people want to see more of. The labels are suppose to show how much people eat and drink but as of right now, they show how much we “should” be eating.
The layout helps people better understand how much they are actually consuming and if what they are eating is healthy or unhealthy.
Health teacher, Mr. Eubank says, “I think the new labels are positively good because they tell you exactly how much you are about to eat instead of the measurement on how much you should be eating. Also the labels tell you how much added sugars there are, and the added sugars make the food unhealthy, while the natural sugars aren’t a problem.”
The label hasn’t been changed much since 2006 so it would be a big and positive change

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