Experience of a lifetime in the U.S.A


Michigan City High School has a few exchange students this year and one of them is Katharina Jaschinsky. Katharina also goes by the name Kathi. Kathi arrived in the United States on January 19th and will be staying here until June 21st She is from Steyr, Austria.
Kathi likes going to school at Michigan City High School and is on the tennis team. Tennis was a sport she played back in Austria and something she really loves.
Even though Kathi enjoys going to school at MCHS she said there are many differences between MCHS and her Austrian school.
The students in Austria take around thirteen classes. They are not however allowed to choose what classes they take.  Another difference is that the classes are with the same students all day  long. This is the reason that she and her classmates are very close.

One of the biggest differences is that if the class has a substitute teacher the students are
allowed to either come late or leave early from class.
The final difference is that in Austria Kathi did not have a dress code like MCHS has.  Kathi has tried many new things since she has been here.  For example two restaurants that they do not have in the area of Austria where she lives are Panera Bread and Olive Garden.  Both of these restaurants are places that she really likes to eat.  Her favorite thing from Panera Bread is the soup bowel.
Something also very different that the U.S.A. has is free-refills at most restaurants, which is something that does not happen in Austria.  This is something that she really enjoys.
When asked what she would like to be when she gets out of school Kathi said, “possibly a lawyer,” however she is not a hundred percent sure yet.
Outside of tennis Kathi loves to hangout with her friends. Her favorite color is blue and one of her favorite seasons is spring.
Her favorite thing she has been to in Michigan City so far is the Winter Ball dance.
Austria is a landlocked country in the center of Europe. Austria is surrounded by Hungary and Slovakia to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, Switzerland to the west, and Germany and Czech Republic to the north.
The official language of Austria is German. The  currency of Austria is the Euro. The flag is a red strip then a white stripe then one more red stripe.
Kathi is a really nice person and fun to talk to. It is really cool getting to talk to someone from a different country and learn about the things that they do in Austria.
Everyone should  try get to know Kathi before she goes back to Austria in June.

Katharina and Dayna Pedzinski meeting at the airport.
Katharina and Dayna Pedzinski meeting at the airport.
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