Retiring teachers say goodbye

Michigan City High School has had lots of great staff members over the years, and each year it is time to say goodbye to some of the best faculty.
This year ten staff members from the MCHS staff will be retiring. They range from teachers, to one of the librarians, to the athletic director.
Judy Caddo has been working at MCHS for nine years and had been working with the Michigan City area schools for a total of thirty years.              Mrs. Caddo was the Assistant Discipline Secretary, meaning she input references, suspensions, and white slips.         Mrs. Caddo will be looking forward to no alarm clocks once retirement starts. She will however miss her friends at MCHS they are like a second family to her.
Mrs. Caddo’s favorite memory is working in discipline, even though the students had been sent out for disciplinary reasons the majority of the students still treated her with respect.
They always had smiles and something nice to say. Her words of advice to the graduating class is, “ Enjoy life to the fullest, work and play hard, life is no dress rehearsal , and graduate from college.”
Her plans for retirement are to travel to Arizona, Missouri, and Florida.  She loves to travel, gardening, and enjoy her grandkids.
Tammy Little has been working in this building ever since 1985, first with Rogers high school and then with Michigan City high school.
She has been a teacher for students with multiple different learning disabilities along with teaching biology, physical science, integrated chemistry and physics, and earth and space science. For twenty eight years she taught in her own classroom but now she co-teaches with Mr. Hobson and Mr. Deneau.
The most exciting thing about retirement is freedom. Not being controlled by a clock or a calendar. She will miss working with many of the students and her fellow teachers. She says, “MCHS you are great!”             Her words of advice to the graduating class are, “Listen to all of the adults in your life, really! They have been where you are and understand what you are going through in your life! I’m sure they want only the best for you and they can help in so many ways!
Don’t let anyone shoot down your dreams! You really can make them come true!”
Her plans for retirement are to move to Florida and quite a bit of traveling, relaxing, and listening to the ocean waves.Jeff Reed has been a teacher for 32 years which he spent 19 of those years at MCAS and 17 years at Michigan City high school.
He taught accounting, business law, visual basic programming, C + + programming, digital citizenship, advertising, record keeping, sports and entertainment marketing, computer applications 1, 2, 3, and 4, advanced accounting, and advanced computer applications.
His favorite memory at MCHS is watching the “light bulb” going off in a student’s eyes when they finally “get it.” Something that Mr. Reed is looking forward to the most is slowing down and sleeping in. however he isn’t looking forward to a major home remodeling project. His advice to the graduating class is, “Life is nothing but a series of decisions; make many more good ones than bad and your life will be richer in many ways.”
His plans for retirement are the three R’s: reconnect with his soul, regain his sanity, and relaxing vacation to northern California and Oregon.
Diane Farlie is the receptionist in the main office. She answered the phone a million times and folded and stuffed a million letters and envelopes.         Mrs. Farlie has been working at MCHS for two years but previously worked at Springfield where she worked in the library for 21 years.             She is looking forward to in retirement not having to answer a phone and not having to get up by an alarm clock. She will however miss all the friends she has made at the high school. Mrs. Farlie’s favorite memory at MCHS is watching Wolfie being installed.
Her advice to the graduating class is, “Enjoy the time in your life. It will be gone before you know it.”
Her plans for retirement are babysitting her granddaughters and taking care of her husband.Iris Villoch first started at the high school in 1987 while it was still Rogers High School and has been at the school ever since.
Over the years she has taught a variety of different subjects including in the Family and Consumer Science departments, parenting, advanced child development, nutrition, advanced nutrition, housing and interior design, family health, adult roles and responsibilities, IPR, child care cooperative, and preparing for college and careers.
She has been a department chairperson since 1993. With retirement Mrs. Villoch is looking forward to spending time with her family.             She is looking forward to the last with retirement is changing her routine since it had been the same for over 30 years.
For Mrs. Villoch she has had so many good memories she can’t pick a specific one. Her words of advice to the graduating class are, “To set honorable goals for yourself and strive to reach those goals.”
Her plans for retirement are to travel to each coast to visit her grandchildren, spend time with her mother in Ohio, and read whatever I want whenever I want.James Funk has been teaching in the Michigan City Area Schools for 29 years.  He has taught a variety of math classes he has taught general mathematics, consumer mathematics, pre-algebra, algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, pre-calculus, A.P. calculus, data analysis, probability and statistics, and computer programming.
Something Mr. Funk is looking forward to with retirement is staying active and continuing to teach somewhere in the world.
He will however miss seeing his wonderful colleagues and friends here at MCHS on a daily basis. Mr. Funk says, “Please stay in touch!”          Mr. Funk’s favorite memory is from attending the Distinguished Students Banquets. His word of advice to the graduating class is, “There are many good jobs available in our economy, but you must have marketable skills and a good work ethic.
His plans for retirement are to continue working for MCAS and hopes to teach in the Department of Defense or in an international school.Dennis Knaup is a permanent substitute teacher at MCHS. He has been working at MCHS for one year and in Michigan City for 36 years. With retirement he is looking forward to a lack of structure and the time demands. He will miss the structure to though because he has been on a schedule and now he has to discipline himself in time management. His favorite memory at MCHS is getting to meet his former student from Elston middle school. Mr. Knaup’s advice for the graduating class is, “Remember the past and embrace the future.”
His plans for retirement are to volunteer for chruch and civic organizations, some traveling during the times I would have formally been in school.Linda Fairchild has been teaching for 38 years with a total of 16 years at MCHS. She taught English and math in the multi-disciplinary classes. Her favorite MCHS memory is watching students obtaining their goals. The thing Mrs. Fairchild is looking forward to the most with retirement is not setting her alarm clock in the morning. The thing she will like least about retirement is nothing. Her words of advice to the graduating class is, “Enjoy and appreciate every day of your life. Work hard and never stop learning.” Her plans for retirement are to enjoy every day, travel, and volunteer.                                                                                                                               Robert Falls also known as “Bear” Falls has been working at MCHS for 19 years ever since the consolidation of Rogers and Elston. Mr. Falls has taught driver education, physical education, health education, head boys basketball coach, assistant athletic director, and athletic director. He has many MCHS memories that are his favorite that he will remember for the rest of his life. Something that he is looking forward to the least about retirement is not working with the students after 39 years.  Mr. Falls advice to the graduating class is, “Don’t give up on your goals!”Story continued from previous page: His plans for retirement are to enjoy life to the fullest.Patty Miller was the library media specialist. She taught library usage and ninth grade research.  Mrs. Miller has been working with the different Michigan City Area Schools since 1976. Mrs. Miller is looking forward to no 5:30 alarm clock but will miss seeing the students and the structure of life.  Her favorite MCHS memory is when students would get that, “Aha” moment. Her words of advice to the graduating class are, “Focus on yourself, follow your dreams, be happy.”
Her plans for retirement are to rest and relax, travel, and volunteer in our community.These staff members have left a great impression on all of the students teaching that if they work hard they can accomplish great things. The staff has taught students to try their hardest in everything they do, to put one hundred percent into everything and great things will happen.  MCHS will surely miss these ten faculty members who are leaving our presence after this year.  They have left their mark on the high school and will forever be remembered by staff and students alike, as people who have supported students through their four years.

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