Welcome to the new athletic staff

Let’s give a huge Wolf Pack welcome to our new swim coach, Athletic Director, and Assistant Athletic Director.  We are excited to see what we will be achieving this year with all of our sports programs.

Melvin Kovenz is the new swim coach for both the boys and girls.  He has lots of experience coaching swimming, including Rodgers High School, South Mont Junior/Senior High, DePauw University, LaPorte High School, Michigan City Piranhas, and diving at St. Mary’s College.  Kovenz coached at LaPorte for 23 years, so he knows the DAC well.  He has coached three state champions, and is planning on getting Tim Schoof to state again this season.

Kovenz wants to start conditioning his swimmers earlier and strengthen them differently.  His goals this season are to adapt to the team, provide a level of training, and get Michigan City ranked higher in the DAC.  His goal before he retires in the next five years is to become state champions.  Kovenz is anxious to see how the season will go and how the swimmers will react to it.

Kovenz ended by saying, “Swimming is a minor sport, and I believe swimming is the hardest sport.”

Craig Shaman is the new Athletic Director for Michigan City.  Shaman coached college basketball for 20 years, and has been an Athletic Director at three schools.  His job as an Athletic Director is to oversee all of the sports programs.  Shaman’s favorite part of the job is interacting with the students.

“The students keep me young,” Shaman laughed.

Shaman wanted to become an Athletic Director because he gets to deal with the fun part of school.  Although Shaman doesn’t have to go to all sporting events, he has to go to most, and likes to have a presence.

Lucas Snyder is the new Assistant Athletic Director for Michigan City.  As Assistant Athletic Director, he supervises the sports, and is looking into starting new programs and awards.  Snyder is currently teaching World History, and is the head boys track coach on top of Assistant Athletic Director.

“I want to have a positive impact on the student athletes at the high school,” Snyder said.

Snyder has much experience with coaching and athletics overall.  Snyder’s favorite parts of his new job include getting to see more athletes and know the athletes better.  He wants to recognize the athlete’s positive sides more often.

We are excited to see what we accomplish this year with the sports programs and our new members.  Good luck to our new swim coach, Athletic Director, and Assistant Athletic Director.

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