The Gloy is on fire


Lauren Slisher

Jenna Gloy running down the field during the girls’ match against Marquette Catholic High School.

Jenna Gloy has been very involved in Michigan City High School in all aspects. She’s been an outstanding student athlete during her four years here at MCHS. Jenna first began playing soccer as a freshman. Jenna plays as a defender for the soccer team. She has overcome many obstacles this season.

Gloy recently broke her wrist during their match against Marquette Catholic High School in the end of the first half. Sophomore Becca Jensen stated, “Jenna Gloy is always trying to keep everyone in a positive mind set. She always tells us to remain positive. She always motivates us all to continue working hard. She never gives up, even after she broke her wrist.” Gloy was also named one of the captains of the Lady Wolves Soccer team this year. “It made me feel very proud of myself. Overall it has made me a better person.” Senior Marisa Tilden said, “Jenna is one of our strongest defenders. I couldn’t be more proud of her. Being captains with her has definitely made me realize how much I’ll miss her when the season is over.”

Jenna spends a lot of time with her team. She has begun to look at them as her second family. “Being on the team for four years has made my high school career very enjoyable. This will only make it harder to let it go.” Gloy’s top priority this season is to accomplish more DAC wins. The Lady Wolves pulled out two DAC wins in the 2013-2014 season. They beat Portage 2-1 last season. That was the first time in history that our girls’ soccer team defeated the Indians.

Gloy is very motivated by her coach, Coach Dege. “She pushes me to be the best player that I can be. She’s been my coach for four years and she’s taught me so much. I could never thank her enough,” stated Jenna. Jenna has definitely left her mark here on the Michigan City High School Lady Wolves Soccer Team. Junior Ellisha Martin said, “I’m going to miss the positive influence that she’s had on the team.”

The memories that Jenna has made will definitely last her for a lifetime. She truly cherishes every moment she spends with her team. Her favorite memory took place during the girls’ match against Hammond Gavit this season. “It was my first time scoring. Considering the fact that I’m a defender, it is actually kind of difficult to actually score a goal.”

Jenna is also involved in numerous academic clubs here at MCHS. She’s been involved in French Club since her freshman year. She is also a member of the MCHS Ping Pong Club and has been for three years. Lastly, she’s a part of her senior class Steering Committee. Gloy says, “It keeps me busy once the season ends. It also keeps me occupied. Being involved always gives me something to do.”

Jenna plans to graduate from MCHS and attend Purdue University North Central next fall majoring in communications. “I just want to be successful. It’ll be a long journey, but it’ll be worth it in the end.” Junior Lauren Slisher stated, “I am so happy that I got to spend my last three years of my soccer career with such a great person. I wish her the best of luck in college.”

The Lady Wolves recently had their senior night on September 18, 2014 against the Munster Mustangs. “It was a very emotional game. I kept thinking about the fact that it was my last time playing on that field. I didn’t play my best but I tried my best to put it all behind me and just cherish my last few moments on our home field,” stated Gloy. Jenna says, her advice to the underclassmen would be to stay involved, but you should also stay on top of your academics as well.

She wants to remind her team that they should always remain positive no matter what the score is and to always remain motivated. Jenna has deifinitely been a leader of the pack. She remains positve no matter what obstacles are thrown her way. She continues to play with her injury . Her positive influence will definitely be missed. She’s made a tremendous impact on our school’s athletics as well as the student body She’ll always be remembered as the “Positive Polly” of the Michigan City High School Lady Wolves Soccer Team.

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