So Much To Do at MCHS

School is back in session which means more homework and more responsibilities. So how do you plan on making this year worthwhile? Here at Michigan City High School there are numerous ways to ensure that your school year is a memorable one.

Participating in your class’s steering committee is one way to make sure you have a great year. From designing class shirts to planning for prom and your senior picnic, you are sure to leave a mark on your four years here.

“My favorite part would have to be making decisions that positively affect the school and my class of 2015” said senior Ryan Stevenson.

Do you want more of a say in the overall student government? Join the student council where they plan some of the funnest events MCHS has to offer, including the always spectacular, City’s Got Talent.

In addition, foreign language clubs offer a great opportunity to have fun with your peers, as well as gain exposure to different cultures. Upperclassmen agree that participating in foreign language club has been one of the highlights of their four years at MCHS.

“All I have to say about German Club is donuts, OJ, and Dan Ruth is the man.” said senior William Bowling.

One way to have a great overall high school experience is to show some wolf pack pride. High school athletics are a sure-fire way to demonstrate that pride while making some memories that will last a lifetime.
“Participating in sports is like having a second family” said senior William Bowling.
With such a wide variety from golf, to gymnastics, to baseball, you’re bound to find the sport for you.

Whether you’re an athlete or a spectator we’ve got some great things cooking at City, especially during basketball season when the Den really comes alive.
“We’ve got the best student section in the DAC” said senior Logan Doperalski.
Last, but certainly not least, participation in spirit week is another great way to demonstrate your pride in the pack while creating some unique memories.

Each year, the student body gets fired up for homecoming by partcipating in daily events like class olympics, banner competitions, fun dress days, and the finale pep session.

Whether you are a class representative, an athlete, a foreign language enthusiast, or you just want to show your wolf pack pride, there are tons of fun ways to get involved.

So how will you make your time here at MCHS memorable? The choice is yours.

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