Wolves Snap DAC Losing Streak

On Friday, September 12, the Michigan City Wolves took on the Valparaiso Vikings at Ames Field, in what turned out to be a very close and exciting football game.  The Wolves entered the game with a record of 2-1, eager to keep the winning record, while the Vikings arrived   to Ames with a record of 1-1-1.  After two overtimes, City pulled out their first DAC win in nearly two years, snapping an 11 game losing streak in the DAC.


For City, backup Sophomore Quarterback, Jimmy Henrich, started the game in the absence of the Wolves’ usual starter, Ryan Washington.  In the first quarter, Henrich threw his first interception as a Varsity player, but would be glad to see the defense for the Wolves halt the Vikings’ offense and hold them scoreless for the remainder of the quarter.  Henrich completed 5 of his 13 pass attempts for a total of 45 yards, with a couple key completions in crucial moments.


In the second quarter, defensive leader Matt Schoof snagged an interception off of Vikings Quarterback JP Kunze.  Although the City offense did not capitalize on the defensive play, it was a huge motivator for the whole team and lit a spark to a rather slow game for the Wolves.  At the half, Valparaiso was up 7-0, but the Wolves were set on bringing it back in the second half.


The third quarter started off with a bang for the Vikings, scoring a quick kick return touchdown, but would be matched right after by a remarkable 80 yard touchdown run by City running back Aryuan Cain-Veasey.  Cain-Veasey was the largest contributor to the team’s success Friday, rushing for 245 yards off of 27 attempts, and even scoring two touchdowns for the Wolves, one being with only four minutes left on the clock in the fourth quarter, tying the game 14-14.  After a missed field goal by Valparaiso kicker Jared Smolar, the game was sent into overtime, and the game was only just starting to get exciting.


In the first overtime (OT), Valparaiso had the first possession, but failed to put any points on the board, leaving the Wolves to only having to make a field goal to win the game.  After three downs, City brought out kicker Ryan Stevenson to win the game.  His kick was good, but right before the play the Vikings had called a time out, forcing another kick by Stevenson.  The second kick by Stevenson was blocked, leading to double OT.


As the second OT started, the Michigan City fans were roaring for a great possession by the Wolves offense, and were not disappointed.  On third down, a struggling Jimmy Henrich threw a fade into the end zone to receiver Cevin Crawford, resulting in a touchdown.  Now the Vikings were on the brink of a DAC loss, and the pressure must have hit their offense as quarterback JP Kunze threw four straight incompletions.  The City fans were sent into an uproar as the game was finally over with the Wolves topping the Vikings 21-14.


This turned out to be an extremely exhilarating game, and the Michigan City fans were sent home feeling their six dollars were finally made worth it.

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