We all think of school as a home away from home. It is a place where students are forced to make their own path without the security of their parents. While this is maybe a scary situation for the majority of our students, there are a lucky few are blessed with the comfort of going to school each day with their parents. Junior Lauren Slisher is one of these unique individual. Lauren is the daughter of one of our favorite math teacher, Ms.Slisher. For the past three years Lauren has been attending has had the unique pleasure of entering the halls of MCHS every morning with her mother.
There are some obvious benefits to having your mother teach in your school. Lauren has the best math tutor in your school. Lauren has the best math tutor in the building. She never has to ride the bus or worry about being late to first hour. Most importantly she always has lunch money.
While there are many benefits to having her mother work with her in the school she has of course found a downside. Lauren is an accomplished student and athlete but still has those “hard to get going” off days. However, with her mother as one of her teachers there is no room for slacking off. Lauren said “Yes, the downside is she always knows when I have homework and if I do it on time or not.”
Lauren may have many benefits and advantages but favoritism does not play a role in her school life. “All the teachers treat me exactly the same if I am disruptive during class I get yelled at like anyone else,” Lauren said.
One challenge Lauren had to overcome was the concern of the way her peers would perceive the situation. She soon came to realize that having her mother work at the same school did not directly affect her social life unless she gave it reasoning to. “Somehow she finds out from one of her students if I do something wrong inside or out of the school” Lauren claimed.
Ms. Slisher and Lauren both thoroughly enjoy working together on a daily basis, but it was not always this easy for either of them. They both agreed that the beginning was an odd transitioning period in which they had to get used to seeing each other as not only mother and daughter but also student and teacher. “I enjoy having Lauren in the building” Ms. Slisher mentioned.

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