City’s Got Spirit

It is that time of year again; fun, floats, and a whole lot of spirit. Michigan City High School is once again preparing to embark on another year of Homecoming adventures.

To kick off all of the fun, students will be able to participate in spirit week. Each day is something different. For example, last year there was anything from Disney Day to Suit Up Day. Many students find spirit week to be the best part of homecoming for multiple reasons. Sophomore, Emily Glowacki, said, “My favorite part about spirit week is getting a week to express myself through school spirit.” Dressing up is not the only thing that takes places during spirit week, however. The Class Olympics are also held during the week. The Class Olympics is an event where everyone is welcome to come out, participate in strange sporting events, and most importantly, help their class win the spirit stick.

At the end of spirit week is the homecoming pep rally. A pep rally is a time for the entire school to gather and cheer on their sports teams. Cheerleaders, the color guard and marching band generally preform, and of course, the sports team makes an appearance. The pep session is also a time for the homecoming queen candidates to be introduced to the school. This year’s candidates are: Dayna Pedzinski (Yearbook, Kristen Palmer (German Club), Morgan Goldman (Envirothon), Ruth Serrano (French Club), Meredith Richards (Student Council), Mikayla Jordan (City Singers), Araya Stahoviak (Steering Committee), Sarah Becker (National Honor Society), Jasica Twardus (Thespian Society), Claire Werner (Mathletes), Alexandra Martorano (Spanish Club), Olivia Glowacki (Marching Band), Christine Duers (Science Olympiad), and Rachael Hennessey (Art Club.) Ultimately, the pep rally is a time for everyone to cheer as loudly as they can to really get people hyped before the football game. Whether someone is an under or upperclassman, the entire student body looks forward to the rally. Freshman Nick Becker said that out of everything homecoming week has to offer, he is definitely expecting the pep session to be the best.

Before the football game, there is a parade from Elston Middle School to Ames Field. In the parade, students and the community are able to once again see the homecoming queen candidates. The parade is typically full of colorful floats that represent the diverse clubs at MCHS. Things such as classes, athletes, musicians, cheerleaders, and student council can all be found marching down Franklin Street.

At last, the football game takes place. This year, Michigan City will take on LaPorte High School and hopes to win. The football game is considered the main attraction because the current students and alumni are welcome to attend. Plus, the game is bursting with energy. Junior, Emily Knouse, said, “I love the energy during the football game. The crowd is hyped up and cheers on the team more than usual, especially when we play LaPorte.” Generally, there is a huge crowd filled with liveliness, so that places pressure on the team to win. Also, at half time, the homecoming queen will be announced and given a crown and flowers, and a class will be awarded the spirit stick. Just because the lights go out at the stadium, does not mean the night has to be over. Every year MCHS hosts a homecoming dance. All students are welcome to come.

Homecoming has always been a tradition at Michigan City High School, and hopefully it will be as fun and as memorable as it has been in the past.

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