Wolfpack Showcase

"Confident Wolves"
Andrew Vigil
“Confident Wolves”
"Christmas Skull"
Raychelle DeAnda
“Christmas Skull”
"The Gray Giant"
Kaylee Bohannan
“The Gray Giant”
"Broken Memories"
Becca Jensen
“Broken Memories”
"Colorful Dreams"
Kayla Woolum
“Colorful Dreams”


"Kio fish"
Raychelle DeAnda
“Kio fish”
"Walk on the Beach"
Katelyn Hansen
“Walk on the Beach”
"Green Eyes"
Hannah Woodrick
“Green Eyes”
"Mrs. O"
Kelsey Travis
“Mrs. O”
"The Circle Of Life"
Ryan Solano
“The Circle Of Life”
"American Flag"
Alexis Dickey
“American Flag”
"Baby Elephant"
Joe Gondeck
“Baby Elephant”
"The Magic of a Pencil"
Issabelle Voltz
“The Magic of a Pencil”
"Summer Daze"
Ryan Solano
“Summer Daze”
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