In the first issue of “Face the Pack, The Cityzen was able to meet with the Athletic Director of Michigan City High School Mr. Craig Shaman. This is Mr. Shamans first year as the Athletic Director of MCHS, and he has high hopes of improving the school athletically.
Before starting in on Shamans plans as being the Athletic Director, I was interested in learning a little bit about his life before joining the staff of MCHS.
Shaman coached college basketball for 20 years at the schools of DePaul University, Chicago State, Kendall University, and Oakton College, and has also been an Athletic Director at three schools. Shaman received his undergraduate from the University of Illinois and his master’s degree from DePaul University.
When asked how he had originally decided to become an Athletic Director Shaman said, “It was a natural extension after coaching basketball for so long.” His job as the Athletic Director is to oversee all of the sports programs, and attend most of the athletic events. Shaman said, “My favorite part of being an Athletic Director is being able to deal with the fun part of the school, and interacting with the students. They keep me young.”
Shaman stated that he was looking forward to being able to help the kids improve themselves and setting them up for success, and sports are a great way to do that.
I was interested in why Shaman chose to come to Michigan City and become an Athletic Director at a high school after coaching at the college level for so long. Shaman said, “I thought it was a great opportunity to get involved with Michigan City. I know that there are good people that live here, and there is a lot of pride within the community.”
Shaman stated that one of the biggest surprises with his new position was that he did not know how strong the Duneland Athletics were. Every sport in the DAC has teams that are state powerhouses.
When I asked Shaman what improvements or changed did he plan on making to the MCHS athletics he replied with a few various answers. Shaman said, “The culture needs to be changed, there needs to be more pride and a more positive attitude. People used to feel more proud, and they have ‘lost the love’ so to speak. Other changes Shaman plans to make are involved more with the facilities that the high school has. Shaman looks forward to making over the “70’s style gym”, updating the gym locker rooms, the cracked tennis courts, and the lack of a much needed field house.
Shaman said, “Most importantly I want everyone to know that I am fully committed to being a part of Michigan City, and that I am jumping in with both feet.”

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