Sadies Hawkins


Lauren Slisher

Junior, Lauren Slisher and Daniel Armstrong

With November quickly approaching, so is the excitement of the Sadie Hawkins dance. Sadies is a semi-formal dance where the girls ask the guys instead of the typical way of guys asking the girls.

The Sadie Hawkins dance actually has an interesting history. It originated from a Li’l Abner comic strip. In the comic there was a special day in November when women who were not married could chase men around trying to catch them to marry. This was Miss Sadie Hawkins favorite day of the year because all the guys resented her. This holiday has been around since 1937 and is still named after “single Sadie”.

The United States began to host the dance on Sadie Hawkins Day which originally took place on the Saturday after November ninth, the same time it took place in the comic. It is now anytime between November and February.

This year the Student Council will hold the dance on November first in the cafeteria. They spend the morning of the dance decorating and setting up to get ready for a night of fun. It is the first big dance of the year and girls have been scrambling to think of original ideas on how to ask guys to the dance. As soon as one person asks someone to Sadies, everyone else quickly follows.

Girls have come up with the idea of filling their lockers with something, writing cute notes, or giving candy. But mostly, it is public. That is not to say that you have to ask them in an extravagant way though.

Sophomore Katelyn Hansen said, “I asked my boyfriend with song lyrics that both of us really like. He was really happy with it and he said that he thought it was really sweet.”

Junior Lauren Slisher asked Daniel Armstrong with a basketball themed idea. She said, “I found the idea on Pintrest. He is on the basketball team so he really liked it.”

Senior Miranda Mahaffey said, “It is not too formal, and is still fun. It is cool that we get the chance to ask them instead.”

From the boys perspective, sophomore Makiyah Smallwood said, “I like the idea that the pressure is not on us to ask a girl.”

No matter how you decide to ask your date, have fun with it! Just stay original. Also remember that even if you don’t ask anyone to Sadies you can still go to the dance and have fun with your friends.

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