Thespian Society Helps with Krueger’s Haunted Trail

Venus Bikos, Senior, prepares for a traumatic haunting.
Venus Bikos, Senior, prepares for a traumatic haunting.
When one envisions Krueger Middle School, a place of environmental studies springs to mind. However, when October rolls around this educational home mutates into a monster. This year our very own Thespian Society will be playing a key role in the chaos. They are working hand in hand with Krueger’s band instructor, Mr. George Olson. Together they hope to add a fresh twist to Krueger’s annual haunted trail.
Olson has been in charge of the trail for the past couple of years and is ecstatic to work with City’s experienced actors. He feels that bringing theatrical elements to the event will entice guests. Also, both Olson and Thespian Society alike, hope that this fresh take will prompt the society’s future involvement. According to the society’s enthusiasm such results are if not already achieved, very likely. Due to this promising outcome, participation in the haunted trail is not limited to Krueger students. This year the event has been made public, for the whole city to enjoy.
In this past month Thespian Society members visited Krueger trails. Strolling throughout the winding paths, gruesome ideas were simply waiting to be carved into reality. Creative bursts of, “Hey! What if we had an operation room here,” and “We have to have bodies hanging over there,” were common comments heard throughout the forest. Horrid scenes are laid out for the participants enjoyment. Guests will be dragged through spider webs, a mutant infested bog, and the depths of the tangled woods. Victoria Myhand, junior, is the Creative Director for the event. She herself spent hours planning out the scenes of the trail. “ I’m so excited to be involved in the trail as a part of the theater department. The trail is going to so amazing this year. There’s so many interesting exhibits.” Thanks to Victoria and the other members of the committee the trail will be ready for action. Every nook and cranny will be rigged with experienced ghouls just waiting for an innocent soul to wander past.
A general breakdown of the area will send brave visitors through a variety of terrains. Open fields will expose them to the atrocities lurking in the darkness. The neighboring forest, serves just as much a threat as guests are pulled along with only a rope to hold on to for protection. Krueger’s tour guides will do all that is in their power to keep the swamp monsters from dragging visitors into the murky waters. Throughout all these areas beasts that usually only exist in nightmares, will be wandering on the same paths of which people will be walking on.
The bulk of these “beasts” will consist of Thespian and Drama club members. Olson has also involved several students of Krueger middle school. People who are not members of either club or students of Krueger have shown interest. Venus Bikos, a senior at MCHS, was drawn in by the unique and innovative opportunity. “I’m interested because Halloween is a holiday one can be really creative with, without much of a boundary! And I haven’t really brought my creativity outside of a canvas.”
Similar to gaining Venus’s attention, Thespian society wants to strike the interest of the entire community. They hope that this past event and the upcoming November 1, date will scare Michigan City’s socks off.

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