SAT’s Are Coming! SAT’s Are Coming!

For many of the students here at Michigan City High School, college is the step after graduation. However, to get into college, you need to have your SAT/ACT Test scores.
Colleges today try to measure a student’s intelligence as accurately as possible. Nowadays, and in the past, the SAT’s and ACT’s have done a good job of testing how smart an applicant is.
While the SAT tests critical reading, math, and writing, the ACT tests general curriculum and standards.
While the SAT is the main college aptitude test, the ACT is emphasized by certain colleges. However, you still have to give the SAT your best shot, because, most colleges find that more important.
The SAT format revolves around math, writing, and critical reading. The main focus is to find out how much you know, and then test how well you can apply it.
The SAT tests are hour-long tests based on the content presented by the tests. The SAT is extremely helpful because it is designed to help you stand out.
If you like the ACT’s format more than the SAT format, get your best score and focus more study time on that. The ACT’s main focus is to test an applicant’s readiness for college.
The ACT consists of four multiple choice tests: Math, English, Science, Reading, and is a writing test. The math test has sixty questions, English has seventy-five, and then reading and science both have forty questions.
If you’re an early bird, think about taking the SAT sophomore year. That option may not be for everyone, but test prep is definitely encouraged, as is taking the PSAT.
For juniors, taking the SAT is considered normal. Most students take it in their third year of high school. It is smart to take the SAT more than once because as you study, your test scores will get better and better.
If you’re a senior, taking the SAT is still an option, as long as you take it in the beginning of the year. It’s very important to send your SAT and ACT scores to colleges with your application.
The SAT recommends taking the PSAT and using practice books to prepare for the test.
Upcoming test dates are October eleventh and November eighth. The quickest way to register for the SAT is by registering online. Immediately after registering, you will receive confirmation.
Whether you register online or register by mail there is unfortunately a fee of $52.50
A good tip to use for studying is to listen to music or chew gum because it helps you to remember what you were studying.
Good Luck!

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