Cattani Finds a Home Away from Home


Lucca Cattani is more than 5,211 miles away from his home and for the rest of the school year he will be considered a part of the Wolf Pack.
Lucca was born on September 11th and he is from Sao Carlos, Brazil. He is staying with a host family, but like most exchange students, Lucca doesn’t live with any students that attend Michigan City High School.
“This isn’t my first time in America, but it is my first time staying here by myself. My first week was kind of weird and it was a different experience for me. My host family has helped me a lot and I like it here now,” says Lucca.
Lucca began learning English when he was seven years old and in Brazil he speaks Portuguese.
“It was hard to learn English for me because in English the words have different sounds,” says Lucca.
Being new to MCHS, Lucca has already joined the soccer team and is also planning on joining the swimming team.
In his free time he likes to play basketball, tennis, hangout, swim, and he is also on the soccer team in Brazil.
Lucca said, “There are many things that are different between here and Brazil. In Brazil, the language is different and people there are usually more active and happy. Also, people here in Michigan City are really white compared to Brazilians.”
The big difference between Brazil and here is the weather. The weather is the winter is usually fifty degrees and the summer is a lot hotter. Lucca already says, “Its fall and it is already so cold, I feel like I’m going to die!”
Also the school year has changed for Lucca because in Brazil the classes are much harder and they go to the same classroom everyday but every day they have different classes. They only have four different classes and the students don’t change classrooms, the teachers switch rooms instead. Lucca says he likes switching classes here at MCHS because in the hallways he listens to music.
“In Brazil, the school year starts in February and in July we have a month off, and then we come back to school in August until November. Our summer break is November through February unlike here,” says Lucca.
Lucca says he hates snow and the cold, so being here was a huge change. Once he graduates high school he does not plan on going to college but wants to move to Australia instead.
One of the things Lucca has done since being in America is going to the movie theater with a group of friends from MCHS.
“I went to the movies and I asked them if they had any cough drops and they all laughed because that’s usually what we eat in Brazil,” says Lucca.
Lucca says he does not like the candy here in City because it is too sweet and usually he sticks with cough drops.
Lucca will definitely miss his friends and family as the year goes on but for now he says, “I am happy to be here and I really miss my friends.”

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