Coaches Corner: A Talk With Coach Meyers


“Self-discipline, fundamentals, togetherness, and commitment.” These are the words that head soccer coach Brian Meyers chose to explain the differences between this year’s soccer team compared to last year’s. With each of these qualities comes a coach’s influence. This year, Coach Meyers led the high school soccer team through a 6-10-2 season, but the record is misleading. Because of the “togetherness,” as Coach Meyers puts it, the team created a special bond that will lead into an even better 2015 season.

Coach Meyers thinks the best things taken from this season are “improvement and success”. With success comes improvement, and vice-versa. The team improved this year from last year’s record. Also, Coach Meyers thinks his team is different from other DAC teams. When asked what is unique about his team, Coach Meyers replied, “The willingness of players with different personalities and backgrounds to cooperate and to raise their level of play.” This brings back commitment and self-discipline; two things that Coach Meyers thinks were improved from last year.

When it comes to coaching soccer, Meyers loves the talent that comes through the program. Coach Meyers feels his hard work and effort, when coaching the players, is always worth it. When asked what he specifically loves about coaching, he replied with, “What I love are the qualities and talents of the kids I am coaching, because that makes the time spent worthwhile.”

Successful seasons do not come easy, and Coach Meyers made that clear when asked about which player he thought deserved the most credit for their play this year. He replied with, “Not player, but players. The back three including goalkeeper Sam Mallon and center backs Jeremy Rodecap and Coleton Bailey played great all year.” Coach Meyers is not the only one to think they played great, because Varsity player Hunter Williams also stated, “Our defense was unstoppable this year because of them. We definitely won a lot of games solely because of their play this year.

The soccer team had a successful season this year, a lot of the success coming from head coach Brian Meyer. Coach Meyers thinks that improvement is a huge key to success for his soccer team in future seasons. With ten player leaving this year because they are seniors, he believes improvement from other players will be extremely vital to success for next year’s team. Coach Meyers is very proud of his team’s play this year and can’t wait for a great next season from his players.

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