The Wrobo Show

Drew Hanft, Sports Reporter

WroboWhen Hunter Wroblewski first walked into the halls of MCHS as a freshmen he had never played organized football in his life.  By week six of the football season he was starting on the freshmen team.  Now, Wroblewski is in his final season playing right tackle for the Wolves and is currently being recruited by several universities to come play for their football team.  Wroblewski is a key part of this year’s team and is an anchor on the offensive line.  The lack of recognition lineman get has never been a factor to him and his love for the game.  He has always been a “team first” kind of guy and just wants what is best for his team.  “A running back can’t break off a twenty yard run without a hole being opened up by a lineman.  My team being successful is enough credit for me as an offensive lineman” he said.  Hunter has been playing on the varsity squad since his sophomore year when he was a starter on the field goal unit. He remembers his early days playing for the Wolves like it was yesterday.  “4 years go faster than one might think, it’s important to make the most of every opportunity and give always go hard and give total effort.  It will take you where you want to go.”

Wroblewski has been able to be a key part of the football team, be a good leader and teammate while also keeping his face in the books as well, keeping his grade point average around a 3.0.   Hunter realizes his time being a football player for Michigan City High School is nearing its end but has nothing but good memories.  His favorite memory of his time playing for MCHS was the overtime victory over arch rival LaPorte for this year’s homecoming.  “That game was most memorable for me because it was a tight game from start to finish and the reaction from the fans was priceless.”  His memories of his time playing football at City include not only the exciting games he has played in but also the people who he has met and became close with during his career. “When I was younger I had a lot of guys that sort of took me under their wing that I looked up to.  I’ve had guys who have had a very positive influence on me while I have attended MCHS.”

However, the person who has had the biggest influence is his coach.  From his sophomore through senior year, Wroblewski has formed a very close bond with head coach Michael Karpinski.  He described it as “a very strong relationship.  He’s the type of coach you want to work hard for.”  The hard work has obviously paid off as Wroblewski is gaining interest from multiple colleges all ranging from the Division I through Division III level.  Wroblewski calls the interest an “exciting experience and a good feeling knowing that hard work truly does play off.”  He is still however undecided on what exactly he wants to do with his future.  “I want to further my education either way.  Whether I go away to college and play football or stay closer to home and start working is still to be decided.”

For now Hunter is just focusing on finishing this football season strong and enjoying his time he has remaining in high school.  He calls this year his favorite and most exciting season he has participated in while attending City.  “This is the most talented team I have been on while playing football here and this is definitely by far the most fun I’ve had.  This year’s team has a great mix of talent and I love those guys.” Wroblewski is one of the most respected guys on the team and is a great team player. Fellow senior Evan Long described Hunter as “a very hard worker. He always gives it his all when he is out on that field and keeps working to make sure he gets his job done if he doesn’t get it right the first time.”  Sophomore Nathan Jones spoke very highly of him as well, saying “He is a great leader.  He is that one guy on the team that is always there for everybody.”  Hunter’s advice to underclassmen is “always work hard because it truly does pay off.”  He would like to be remembered as a leader and looks back on his high school football career at Michigan City High School as tough, but rewarding.

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