All hail the queen

Suzanne Kaiser, Feature Reporter

homecoming queenhomecoming queenEvery year Michigan City High School crowns one senior lady as the Homecoming Queen. This year, Olivia Glowacki was the honored recipient.
Glowacki represented the Michigan City Wolfpack Marching Band and would not have wanted it any other way. She first joined marching band her freshman year because of her love of music and passion of playing the saxophone. Glowacki said she saw marching band as an excellent opportunity to make new friends. She was never worried what others would think of her marching band decision, in fact, she said, “Hey, I embrace the whole band geek thing.” Marching band was just something that she wanted to try and wound up falling in love with it.
Glowacki’s overall experience was wonderful in a strange sense. One of the things that felt a little peculiar to her was actually being in the student section at the pep rally. “I have been in marching band all throughout high school, so to be in the student section was weird. I felt like I did not belong there, but with the band.” Also, Glowacki mentioned that the homecoming game was the first time she actually got to see the band perform. Glowacki expressed that her favorite part of the entire event was going back after halftime to huddle with the band like every time before, and seeing how happy everyone was.
When Glowacki first heard her name announced as the new Homecoming Queen, everything felt so surreal. She had to take a moment to think if any other Olivia’s were initially nominated. Although, she had to do a double take, Glowacki said that while she stood in front of the crowd, she was not nervous. “I had nothing to lose, so there was not any pressure. Honestly, I just thought it was fun representing the band and being up there with one of my best friends and escort, Steven Siegmund.” While the candidates were waiting for the new queen to be announced, Glowacki did not have any stand out things that ran across her mind. “Honestly, I was just freezing, until they said my name, because then the adrenalin kicked in.” Glowacki said that she was very surprised and felt honored the moment her name was announced. The proudest moment, she said, was when her sister, Emily Glowacki, ran up to her and gave her a huge hug.
Glowacki said she is excited to come back next year and present the crown to the future Homecoming Queen of MCHS. To all of the female underclassmen, she recommends that if they are interested in becoming the queen, they should not stress out and just have fun with it. Glowacki finished up by expressing her gratefulness to everyone here at MCHS.

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