Callaghan joins LaPorte County Life

Michigan City High Schools very own freshman Tommy Callaghan is not only a member of The Cityzen, our student newspaper, but also a new member of LaPorte County, which is an online newspaper that only publishes positive news and stories. Callaghan is a well-rounded student and athlete.
He is involved in many school activities including German Club, Student Council, Steering Committee, and was a captain for JV soccer this past season.
When asked how he decided to join LaPorte County Life Callaghan said, “I really liked the idea of an all positive news source. I was hesitant at first, but I am glad that I decided to be a part of their staff.” Callaghan said that he started writing when he was in the first grade after he started taking creative writing classes, but he really started to enjoy it in about fifth grade. When asked what topic he enjoys writing about the most Callaghan said, “When it comes to writing I do not have a preference. For the school paper I usually just write about which ever topic I have the most interest in.”
Callaghan said that being on the staff of LaPorte County Life as a freshman in high school is going to be a new and great experience.
“I think that it is great that I have been given the chance to write professionally, make money, but most importantly have fun while doing it.” His goal as being on the staff is to let LaPorte County know that MCHS is a good place to be. Callaghan said, “I think that it is really awesome that I have gotten the chance to not only improve my writing skills, but also let LaPorte County know about all of the positives that there are in Michigan City.
Callaghan’s first published story while being on the staff was an autobiography which introduced him to the readers, and informed the people about himself and how much he likes to write.
In order to be a member of the staff, requirements have to be met. These requirements include submitting stories and or photos at least once a month.
If you love to write and are interested in writing for the future, contact LaPorte County Life for openings.

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