Let’s Read: Stay

Katie Bildhauser, Advertising Manager and Reporter

Stay by Deb Caletti goes from romance to abuse very quickly. Main character Clara develops a romantic relationship with Christian. Christian’s devotion abruptly becomes obsessive, and it’s almost too late by the time Clara realizes what’s happening.

Clara and her father had to leave their city without telling anyone where they are actually going. They go to Bishop Rock, a little town far away from home. In Bishop Rock, she meets a new boy named Finn. Clara thought she got away, but she soon realizes Christian is still obsessing over her.

Clara shows many emotions throughout the book. She is sad, angry, scared, and in love. After Clara changes her phone number, Christian figured it out. Clara and her father were both angry and scared. After Clara had an amazing date with Finn, she called her best friend and told her everything, including where she’s at.

A few days later, Clara’s best friend calls her crying. Christian called their house and talked to her mom, who told him where she was at. When he found the house Clara and her dad were staying at, Clara was home alone. As soon as she heard Christian knock, she bolted out the back door and ran to the lighthouse to find her dad.

One thing stood in the way of Clara and her dad, Christian. Clara ran down to the beach to try to escape. It was storming and she could hear footsteps behind her as she ran away. She grabbed a canoe and started paddling into the water to escape. Deb Caletti keeps the audience hooked the whole book, and knew just what to put next, creating a fabulous novel.

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