Turkey Day has fallen this fall

For some, Thanksgiving is a time of family, fun, and football. But for everyone, it is a time with food. The last Thursday in November is a free pass to eat not only what you want, but however much you want. As people, it is hard to resist the nation-wide offer to eat as much as you can, especially in the world’s most obese nation.
The first Thanksgiving, held in 1921, originated as a ceremony to commemorate Plymouth Colony’s harvest after a harsh winter. If it were not for the native Indian tribe, the Wampanoag, one the United Sate’s first colonies would not have survived past a couple snowflakes. Now we celebrate that survival with heaping messes of food…and that is why everyone loves the U.S.
For a brief time in the colonization period, relations between the Natives and the colonists were completely neutral, some may even say friendly. In this friendly time, which happened to be after Plymouth colony’s first winter, the Natives used their ancient techniques to contribute to the colonists’ first real feast. Unfortunately, even after their essential contribution, the Wampanoag were betrayed by the colonists.
Without the first Thanksgiving from 393 years ago, traditions never would have become what they are now. Overall, traditions vary with each family. Even though traditions vary, there are some basics Thanksgiving needs, purely for it to be considered “average”.
First off, you need football. Every year, the NFL has at least two games, normally three. In the United States, football is as big a part of Thanksgiving as the feast itself. All day, families sit around their TV and watch the games of that day. Or, if families do not watch football, they play football. Even families, who do not like football, play in the annual “Turkey Bowl.” Whether the game is a community-wide extravaganza or a backyard pick-up game, football is football.
Second, you obviously need food. Some families vary with their choices, but the general menu consists of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, pumpkin pie, and last but not least, mashed potatoes. If a holiday celebrating a feast from almost 400 years ago does not even have food, it is not even a holiday.
Third, Thanksgiving is a time of family. Family may be aunts, uncles, and cousins, but it could also just your mom, dad, siblings, or any variation of your family. But, no matter who you call family, Thanksgiving is a time to gather with them.

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