Friday Is the New Black

Zahara Schooley, Feature Reporter

          The day after Thanksgiving marks the busiest shopping day of the year known as Black Friday. The name originates from Philadelphia during a time where heavy traffic disrupted the streets. On this day retailers would make profits “in the black” which in stock terms means their income would increase greatly.

Today, Black Friday has evolved to the transitional farewell to fall and kickoff to the holiday season. Stores everywhere across the North American region participate in the tradition. It has become the biggest sales event of the year and the key opportunity for stores to advertise. Because of the large amount of business stores ger, prices are marked down. Shoppers go on a holiday shopping spree to prepare for Christmas.

Kane Bentley, a junior and retail employee at American Eagle says that he is looking forward to “the experience of helping people get ready for the holiday” this Black Friday.

Although Black Friday is a great opportunity to get in on the deals, it is also known for chaos. Good deals draw in big crowds and often crazy shoppers. Every year there are new stories about rowdiness and people getting hurt. With so many people in one store, there isn’t a lot of elbow room. Things are bound to get physical.

“It’s good tradition but it gets a little insane. I was in Coach and this lady shoved me to get to a handbag.” (Allie Mellen, sophomore)

Despite the long lines and the occasional violence Black Friday can be a night of fun. Staying out late with your friends at the mall is something you don’t get to do any other day of the year. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love to shop? Not to mention stores are full of fun surprises to provide the best shopping experience possible.

Fellow student and Nike employee shares, “It’s nice because we get food in the break room and the store gets a DJ. That’s fun.” (Emily Sebesta, senior)

Whether you are a shopping enthusiast or prefer to avoid the chaos, Black Friday is a tradition that will likely last for years to come.

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