Baker leads the cheer team


Michael Hebb, Sports Reporter

Emily Baker has had a lot of success at MCHS, both in the classroom and as a cheerleader.

When she was younger, Emily looked up to many people to inspire her to become a highly successful student athlete. Specifically, her older cousin encouraged her to become a cheerleader. When Emily would go watch her cousin cheerlead on Varsity, she would get motivated to become a better cheerleader. “When I watched her cheer, she inspired me to stay in cheerleading and become even better at it. I saw how successful she was as a student athlete and that inspired me to become one too.”

Emily’s love for cheer comes from a few different things. “Cheerleading is so challenging, but the time I put in is worth it. Cheer is just so much fun to do and I love doing it,” she said. Her cheer teammates are also a reason she loves cheer so much. Emily said,” Without such great teammates there to support me and make it a great experience altogether, I probably would not be cheering.”

According to Emily, teamwork is an “essential part of winning” in cheerleading, just like any other sport. She said,” A lot of people do not think that cheerleading is that hard or that it takes any practice, but it actually takes a ton of practice and repetition before we can get our routines perfect. We also have to be coordinated with the rest of our team, which makes it even more difficult.

Though Emily loves cheer so much, she does not see it being a part of her future plans. She actually wants to attend Indiana University and hopefully become a nurse. Said Baker,” Cheerleading has been really fun, but I want to focus more on my studies in college and then become a nurse. That does not mean that I have not enjoyed cheerleading throughout high school, but I know that I need to focus more on school and that will allow me to become more successful.

Emily seems to have many memories from her high school cheerleading career. Any moments in cheer seemed to be good moments for her, mostly because of all of her teammates. Not only that, but she also loves any competitions the team participated in. When she talked about competing with other cheer teams in the DAC, and even teams outside of the conference, she talked about how taking first place brings out her love for cheerleading. She said,” There is no bigger rush than winning competitions. I love beating other cheer teams and doing it with my teammates is the best part of it all.”

Out of all of her time spent with the cheer team, her favorite moment was at the Special Needs Night. The Special Needs Night is when the school takes time out of a specific sporting event and honors those kids with special needs. Emily said,” Just being there with all of the courageous kids and meeting them was an amazing moment in itself. It allowed us to see just how amazing they are. It was an honor meeting them and being able to cheer for them.”

Baker’s years at MCHS have been “amazing” because of her cheerleading. “Cheerleading has been so much fun throughout high school, and I have all my teammates and coaches to thank for that.”

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