Speech students get schooled in interviews

As a part of offering more for her students’  “toolbox of education”, Mrs. Fargo invited a guest speaker to her speech classes to inform her students about the interviewing process just before Thanksgiving break.

Guest speaker, Mandy Chalk, gave a presentation to inform the students of how to create a strong interview.  Chalk, was a representative from Ivy Tech who works both at the Michigan City and Valparaiso locations of Ivy Tech as an Assistant Director of Career Services.  She began her presentation with background on what she does at Ivy Tech and the importance of an interview for a job.

Chalk wasted no time explaining how important it is to have certain elements in an interview.  Among these elements include knowing about the job, dressing appropriately, and reviewing some questions you might have about the job offer.  Mandy Chalk also stressed the importance of following up after the interview.  It is important to let the interviewer know that “you are interested in the job” Chalk explained.

All of the presentation to the class coincided with their current topic of study-interviewing.  The students not only got the opportunity to listen to the speaker, but answer some mock-interview questions themselves.

This experience not only provided an opportunity to practice the interview process, but to help familiarize the students with their material.

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