A Charlie Brown Christmas

Tamira Hall, Feature Reporter

The movie A Charlie Brown Christmas was directed by Bill Melendez as a TV short in 1965 based off of the Peanuts comic strip written by Charles M. Schulz. Charlie Brown, the main character, is a loser-yet-leader who rises out of every downfall with shining hope and determination. Freida is the girl who brags about her “naturally curly hair” and is quite obsessed about her beauty. Schroeder is Charlie Brown’s second best friend who also plays as Lucy’s piano playing love interest. Violet is Lucy and Patty’s mean and snobby best friend. Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s pet dog. Patty is Violet and Lucy’s best friend who sometimes bullies the others. Pig-Pen is a character who attracts dust which makes him very filthy. Linus Van Pelt is Charlie Brown’s best friend who is the most insecure but the smartest character. Lucy Van Pelt is Linus’s older sister who is a crabby, malicious and moronic girl who likes to torment others often. and also Sally Brown who is Charlie Brown’s younger sister. Charlie Brown, voiced by Peter Robbins, seeks to find out the true meaning of Christmas. It is the most cheerful season of the year and Charlie Brown finds himself a bit depressed. He confides in his best friend Linus, voiced by Christopher Shea, and explains to him that he is in fact highly disappointed with the over-commercialization of Christmas. Charlie Brown decides to visit Lucy, voiced by Tracy Stratford, psychiatric booth. Lucy feels that he needs to become more involved with Christmas. In an attempt to get everyone in the Christmas spirit, Charlie Brown decides to direct a Christmas play! If you enjoyed A Charlie Brown Christmas, you should check out the other Peanuts classics turned into movies, It`s a Great Big Pumpkin, Charlie brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and It’s Christmas Time Again Charlie Brown.

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