Perfect start for boys’ bowling

Michael Hebb, Sports Reporter

Michigan City High School boys’ bowling jumped off to a perfect start this season. They beat top-tier teams to sustain their undefeated record. Other top teams in the Lakeshore Conference, Portage, Chesterton, and LaPorte, have attempted to take out the Wolves, but have been unable to thus far.

Earlier in the season, the Wolves faced LaPorte twice in a row, and won both meetings. After the two wins, Sophomore Varsity bowler Lucas Grams said, “Showing up LaPorte was a huge morale booster for the team. We all have more confidence going forward now, and in the meantime we took a two match lead over LaPorte in the standings.”

In the second of back to back meets against LaPorte, Samuel Welch shot a 279 game to spur the Wolves ahead of the Slicers, capping off an essential win for the boys to stay undefeated. Samuel is one of two seniors on the team this year, and he has shown “great leadership”, according to Junior Aaron Skibinski.

With only one senior leaving Varsity last year, the boys’ team was able to keep most of its top bowlers. Lucas Grams said about the lineup, “We have been able to strengthen the chemistry on the team. All of us guys are friends and we use that to feed off of each other.”

Chemistry this year has been key to keeping an undefeated record. Although there was a great early start to the season, there was a small shake-up in the Varsity roster. In spite of this, the boys were able to pull together and retain their winning streak. Aaron Skibinski said, “The team was able to get past the roster change quickly. We just went out there and bowled like we usually do.”

The bowling team takes a photo after winning an invitational.

Another way the Wolves have been winning is the “hype” that has been coming from a couple bowlers. Samuel Welch said, “Both Michael Hebb and Jacob Smith have been extremely loud and supportive of the team all year. I never would have expected Michael to be a big source of our motivation, but he has really shown great passion and has driven us to a few close victories.”

With so much to look forward to this year, getting past Semi-State is the only thing on the bowlers’ minds. Junior Jalen Stockley said, “I see every victory as just a small step eventually leading to State. Especially after big wins against Portage and LaPorte, our confidence goes up, and that will stick with us come tournament time.”

On the Varsity this year, there are a few bowlers with major accolades from last season. Michael Hebb returns to the team as reigning Sectional Champion, and Samuel Welch and Lucas Grams were both All-Conference bowlers last year. This has apparently motivated other bowlers on the team. Sophomore Dean Lykins said, “I look up to all three of those guys. Michael showed me that just because I am a sophomore and not on Varsity, I can get anything done. Lucas and Samuel both help me during practices, so they all have shown that they are great teammates.”

The Wolves are looking forward to keep their undefeated streak alive and cannot wait for tournament time.

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