The holiday season is approaching quickly, and many people are busy getting prepared for Christmas. Most people are tied up with buying gifts, decorating their homes, and just getting prepared for the holidays in general. More recently, the holidays have been focusing more on materialistic items rather than what the holidays are traditionally about, which to me, is spending time with the people we care about.

When I was younger, the holiday season used to be about being able to see family and friends that were not seen for months at a time. It used to be about helping others out, spreading joy to all, and just being able to have a great time with those we love. Some of my favorite holiday memories are not the materialistic gifts that I have received, but the memories that I have made. I remember more of the time I get to spend with rarely seen family members than I remember a small gift someone may have given me. Unfortunately, as I have gotten older, I have noticed more and more that the focus around the holiday season is not as much about spreading joy to others and being able to see family, but rather on materialized items.

Now the focus around the holidays seems to be all about receiving presents. After the holidays, if you are to ask a young kid what their favorite part about the holiday was, they would probably talk about a gift they had received. The holidays can easily become a competition between friends and family over who gave or received the better gift.

To change the way we think about the holidays, we should focus on spreading joy, and spending time with family and friends.

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