Deutsch Klub nimmt Chicago


Tommy Callaghan, Reporter

Every year for the past ten years, Michigan City High School’s Deutsch Klub (German Club) takes a trip to Chicago. This year fifty-two kids attended, and it is fair to say everyone had a great time. Freshman Eli Schoof said, “My favorite part of the German trip was running around and exploring the city. It was a really fun and exciting time.”

On December 11, 2014 the trip’s original destination was to start at the Goethe Institute of Education, but, because of little traffic and good driving, students had twenty minutes to find food and wander around Chicago, as long as they did not stray too far. As students flocked to Starbucks and Subway, hungry students’ stomachs were filled and the day officially started.

At the Institute, the freshmen and sophomores learned about German culture, while the upperclassmen toured Chicago so that the Goethe Institute would not get too crowded. When the underclassmen were finished, they switched with the juniors and seniors and began to tour the city. At the Institute, two German natives gave a twenty minute presentation on modern day German culture.

After explaining trends in fashion, food, and anything else in modern-day Germany students split up into groups for activities. In one room students looked at old German posters and filled out worksheets based on their favorite poster.

In another room the different groups looked at different maps and found vocabulary having to do with the maps. After about ten minutes in each room, the students switched.

While students ran around Chicago they shopped, ice skated, and unfortunately, got lost. Because Michigan City is so close to Chicago, most students frequently visit. But, with the opportunity to roam freely, a number of students would go somewhere and not quite know how to get back. Luckily for most, the experience of getting lost in Chicago added to the great day.

After about two and a half hours of shopping, students loaded back on the bus and drove to German town for some more touring, but mostly, lunch. Lunch was held at the “Chicago Brauhaus” where roughly ninety percent of the kids ate a form of schnitzel (a thin slice of veal).

Then the Germantown touring was over and everyone got back on the bus to head off to their main destination, Christkindlmarket. Another hour and a half was allotted for touring and from there the students headed back home after a successful fieldtrip.

Freshman Jenna Stevenson said, “The German Club field trip to Chicago was a lot of fun. The day was filled with exciting activities and memorable experiences. Overall, it was really great because we got to hang out with friends, but were also able to learn a lot about German culture.”

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