MCHS gains determined debaters

Kaitlyn Steinhiser, Feature Writer

There is no debate about whether or not students should join the new debate club. The club, coached by Ms. Sisk, started meeting on Monday January 19, 2014.

Towards the end of the first semester, Sisk realized that her students particularly enjoyed their small debate unit. This was one of the main reasons why Sisk decided to start the club. Ms. Sisk said that her students would be interested in a debate club because she said, “What teenager does not like to argue? You can just take all that energy that you usually use arguing with teachers and parents, and use your powers for good instead of evil. It is also fun to use your intellect to combat an opponent, instead of your fists.”

Not only did Sisk realize that her students enjoyed debating, she also realized that she enjoyed the art of debate as well. In fact, Ms. Sisk says that she has been interested in studying debate since the first semester, just like her students.

As the debate unit progressed, Sisk said that she was “bullied” into creating the club by several of her students.And with that, the debate club was born.
Throughout the year, the club’s goal is to prepare themselves enough so that they can possibly try competing against actual debate teams from other schools.
To prepare, they will be debating against one another at each of their meetings about topics chosen by the National Speech and Debate Association. According to Sisk, the NSDA provides a wide range of topics. They could be about “politics, the environment, social issues, you name it.”

Although the debate club may just seem like a fun, simple club to be a part of after school, it will benefit each and every student who joins, because debate is applicable to many careers. Debate is used anywhere from lawyers to politicians, to CEOs, and plenty of other careers. Debate is a crucial skill to have, no matter what job.
According to Sisk, “debate is mental exercise. It forces you to think logically and rationally. It forces you to support your argument with fact. You become able to argue and understand both sides of an issue. No matter what you plan to do in the future, go to law school or become a police officer, you can use these skills to communicate effectively with others.”

Until the debate club was founded, MCHS was the only school in the DAC that did not have a debate club for its students to participate in. Now, students can perfect their debate skills every Monday in room A140.

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