“City You Got This”

Suzanne Kaiser, Feature Reporter

The City You Got This campaign is a series of videos that has the main goal of encouraging students to succeed in their lives, whether it is to go off to college and become a doctor, or anything. The purpose of these videos is to ultimately get students to follow their hearts.
The idea of the City You Got This videos was first created by MCHS’s own guidance counselor, Mrs. Galloway. She wanted to find a creative way to convince students to peruse their dreams. In the midst of this, these videos were created.
Generally, the City You Got This videos last around 20-30 seconds long. Each mini clip features a former Michigan City High School student. He or she then goes on to talk about where they are now, the college they are currently attending, a short piece of advice to students, and to conclude, each former students says, “City, you got this.”
In the very beginning, the videos started off with the intentions of just being played during College GO! Week. To the surprise of many people, the videos were a huge hit. Because the videos were so popular, Mrs. Galloway decided to extend them. They went from being a part of College GO! Week, to a Throwback Thursday tradition. Although they have not been played in a while, everyone hopes to get the videos up and running once again.
As previously mentioned, the goal of the City You Got This is to encourage students to further the options of their futures. Junior, Carlie Vittatoe, said, “I think the videos can be very effective. By seeing former students and where they are today, it ignites a spark inside of teens and makes them want to make something of their lives.” As some other students have also said, these videos are successfully helping out the less motivated students of MCHS.
Along with motivating students, the City You Got This campaign videos also show all of the different options that students can do with their lives after high school. For example, some people go away to college and have goals to become things like doctors and lawyers, while others attend culinary school, or just do not even go to college.
The point, however, of the City You Got This campaign is to get students to do whatever they want as long as it makes them happy. Mrs. Galloway, along with all of the other faculty and former students, want to inspire the students of MCHS to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.

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