Let’s Listen: 1989

Taylor Swift has once again, shot to number one with her new album 1989. Taylor’s album was released in late October and has already nearly matched her first week sales of her album Red. Her album 1989 was the best-selling album in the United States in 2014.
Taylor is a rare artist because she is a superstar that has gone from singing country music who transferred into one of the most popular mainstream singers across the globe.
People wonder how a twenty-five year old country/pop singer could already win seven Grammy Awards and seven for the Academy of Country Music. Over her years, Taylor has already sold thirty million albums and eighty million singles around the world.
She is a big role model and a lot of young girls look up to her and listen to her music. Since Taylor has a variety of different styles of music, it is not hard to find a song that goes with how you are feeling.
1989 was such a success because not only the producers, but Taylor herself are perfectionists and wanted the album to be a big hit. The album is very catchy and it portrays her more as an adult. Taylor’s songs are usually about romance ups and downs but 1989 she is not really looking for a guy anymore.
Taylor’s new album 1989 was definitely different than the rest of her other albums and catches you in a way the other ones did not.

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