New year’s resolution

There are many holiday traditions that the people take part in, but very few have to do with self -improvement. But, there is one custom on New Years that people around the world participate in annually. Giving yourself a goal to improve the next year is widely used by many people.
The tradition of a New Year’s resolution is one based on bettering yourself. There are no rules on how someone can better yourself. It could be as simple as obtaining better skills for studying. Freshman Jenna Milcarek said “This year I have decided to take make my resolution getting straight A’s in all my classes.”
Improving physical condition is also important. Having a more nutritious diet and becoming a more active person are trending improvements in the halls of MCHS. Freshman Dimitri Karallas stated “I’ve decided to give up fast food for the rest of the year.”
Freshman Reagan Lowry said “I’ve made the commitment to run with my dog Brody everyday so that we both receive the required amount of exercise.”
It may be wise to also focus any resolutions around goals such as taking harder classes, maintaining or approving grades. Freshman Eli Schoof said “I plan on coming in after school so I can communicate better with my teachers and I will be able to access any extra help that I may need.”
Although many people come up with resolutions very few follow through with them. It can become a complication to break habits or start new ones. But with the help of the age of technology it has become increasingly easier to complete your goal. There are apps that help motivate people towards and achieve their goal. Another freshman, Farah Goodall said, “I recently purchased an app called Goji. It’s an app based around trying new things which is my new year’s resolution.”
Apps may be useful and sufficient tools but some of the students based their resolutions around their overuse of electronic devices.
Remember, although the idea of starting from scratch and improving as a person sounds as simple as having motivation, it can grow tedious and difficult to push through. That is why when deciding what to change it is important to consider a few things.
Be realistic. Let others know so there is more motivation to help and to use from family and friends. Do not give up when things do not change overnight. Also, remember to focus on the outcome; not the process. Habitual behaviors are hard to start or end so remember to enjoy the ride even if it means stopping a few times along the way.
Incentives are great ways for motivation and can give an encouraging final push.

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