School closes due to snow days

Happy return from an extended Winter Break, MCHS.  Students and faculty can thank Mother Nature for the extra week off of school.  It seems that that snow day are becoming more common each winter here in MC. Yet there is often some controversy as to what conditions cause school cancellations.

Another issue with snow days are the mandatory make-up days that come with them. With these snow days come a widespread enthusiasm among students, but also the hassle that is make-up days.

Yet, it is best not to forget the thrill of a unplanned day off school.  The night before is full of anticipation, students holding a vigil beside their computers and cell phones, waiting for the news of no school.  Once the day is called off, students sigh with relif for one more day of catching up on homework, taking a day to play in the snow, and best of all, catch up on some of those lost hours of sleep.

Although that extra time to sleep in is heartly welcomed on snow days, there are some repercussions to a day off.  For instance, the days that were cancelled earlier this month will cause students to have to make them up on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, and June 3rd, all days which were previously no-school days. Additionally, these snow days can inflict with the plans teachers have for the school year.

Often times as school cancellations ensue, commotion and controversy about what conditions call for no school. For instance, if the windchill is a factor of -19 degrees, school can be called off. There are a set of specific conditions for whether or not school will be cancelled, delayed, or let out early for hazardous winter conditions.


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