Ashley owns the floor

Lindsey Jackson, Sports Reporter

Senior Ashley Koza is a shining star here at MCHS. You can find her either one or two places on the floor or in the classroom.

Ashley has been doing gymnastics for thirteen years. She began at the age of four years old, and she has been on the Michigan City High School Gymnastics team since her freshman year.

“I love that I can go to the gym and forget all about my problems and just do what I love. I have made a lot of friends through gymnastics. ” stated Koza.

Ashley is the captain of the gymnastics team here at Michigan City High School.

“A true leader is someone who motivates and pushes others along with themselves. Ashley Koza is the definition of a true leader and she is such an inspiration. She has been the backbone of the team ever since I joined and she is such a strong girl,” said Junior Abigail Marquiss.

Ashley advanced to state in her sophomore year, where she competed individually in the uneven bars.

“It was such a great experience and definitely a huge honor. It was probably one of the most exciting meets, I have competed in and I hope to do it again this year,” stated Koza.

Koza is motivated by the people of her community, including her fellow teammates. She wants the people of the community to know that our girls’ team is a big contender in the DAC.

Junior Kristen Gushrowski stated, “Ashley is one of my best friends. I have known her since I started gymnastics! Whenever one of us is frustrated, we ask each other if we need each other to listen, give “tough love”, or encouragement. She is always there when I need her. She always keeps the team pumped up at practice and competitions.”

Ashley hopes that the Gymnastics team will advance out of sectionals as a team. She also has a personal goal of her own.

“I want to make it to state and place in the top six and medal. I also want our team to be really close and focus on making this a really great senior year,” stated Koza.

The Gymnastics team just recently moved over to the high school level after being at the Elston Middle School for past years.

“Competing at the high school level also serves as motivation, because I want to show that we deserve to be at the high school. Not only competing but I want the community to know that we’re grateful to be able to compete at the high school level as well,” said Ashley Koza.

Ashley has overcome numerous obstacles but her biggest one occurred this season.

Koza said, “My biggest obstacle came this year when my gymnastics coach moved to Florida. She had been my coach for as long as I could remember and it was really hard to continue on with gymnastics without her.”

Senior Adrienne Fuller stated, “Ashley has been one of best friends for the past ten plus years of my life. We know how one another thinks and we can always pick each other up when we are down. She pushes me to the best I can when I doubt myself. Her positive attitude really pushes the team forward, especially at the meets. Ashley is a heavy hitter for our team, both skill-wise and attitude-wise as well.”

She is not only a force on the floor but she is also a model student here at Michigan City High School.

Ashley has been a member of the Spanish Club for 3 years and she was inducted into the National Honor Society last year.

Ashley plans to go to Indiana University, where she will study in Spanish. She hopes to later become a Spanish teacher in the future.

She wants future leaders of the pack to remember that they should always give 100 percent and always set a good example.

“Always keep a positive attitude and do not be afraid to speak up if needed,” said Ashley Koza.


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