Let’s Read: Confessions of a Murder Suspect

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reporter

James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’s book series Confessions began in 2012, with the first book “Confessions of a Murder Suspect.” The book focuses on the murder of Malcolm and Maud Angel and is narrated by their daughter, Tandy Angel. She tells the story after their deaths and after a couple chapters she makes a confession about something that becomes important later in the story.


Tandy and her brothers Harry, Matthew, and Hugo, are child prodigies. Their father and Uncle Peter have given them special pills, made at the family pharmaceutical company, to be able to suppress emotions, learn more, and excel in specific areas.


The Angel kids have experienced a luxurious lifestyle at The Dakota apartments in New York, Grande Gongo’s, and Big Chop’s as punishments. After the death of their parents, they are left under the care of their uncle Peter, who takes over their late sister Katherine’s bedroom. This increases their hatred towards him and makes them even more curious about his actions.


Tandy is growingly interested in her parent’s sudden death and tries to solve the mystery before the police. But, to her dismay, every time she thinks she is getting closer, she finds even more about the odd lifestyle of her parents.


In these discoveries she learns about her sister’s death, her neighbors in the Dakota, and memories of her elusive boyfriend that have been ripped away from her.


Many questions remain unanswered. “The Private School Murders,” continues the series with more mysteries to be unveiled.

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