An unexpected start for the Association

Michael Hebb, Sports Editor

In an ever-changing league full of ups and downs, the first half of this 2014-15 NBA season has been nothing short of exciting for many screaming basketball fans.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the start of the season was with the Cleveland Cavaliers. With two-time-champion LeBron James and superstar Kevin Love joining forces with rising star Kyrie Irving, a huge season was anticipated from fans. At one point, they had a 19-20 win-loss record, causing speculation that both James and Love would jump ship and ditch Cleveland.

Another disappointment has been Kobe Bryant. He recently underwent shoulder surgery which took him out for the rest of the season. As long-time superstar of the Lakers, this shocked and frustrated many fans that have been craving one last ring in the Kobe era for Los Angeles.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Atlanta Hawks have had a monstrous, unforeseen start to their season. They became only the second team in history (1995-96 Chicago Bulls) to have an undefeated season in the month of January. This has comfortably spurred the Hawks to the top spot, and has made them front-runners, in many analysts’ opinions, to win the NBA Finals.

The “splash brothers” in Golden State have captured the attention of many screaming NBA fans, too. These “brothers” are both point guard Stephen Curry and shooting guard Klay Thompson, and they have led the Warriors to a hotter start than most fans thought they would. Curry has had an MVP-caliber season, while Thompson has proven to be an elite player in the making. Thompson even scored an NBA record 37 points in a single quarter this season.

The Chicago Bulls are another team that had a huge start to their season. With newly acquired Pau Gasol, who is an all-star starter this year, they have made a strong case to be considered championship-worthy. Junior Brendan Kiley, an avid Bulls fan, said about the key to winning for the Bulls, “They need to stay healthy and injury free. If that can be maintained, they have already won the trophy.”

Both the Warriors and Bulls are serious contenders for the NBA Finals, and junior Livan Arteaga believes that both teams will fulfill their expectations. He said, “Both teams are fully capable of making the finals, and I am going to take the Warriors in that matchup if it happens.”

With such an outstanding season so far, it is hard to imagine it getting much more entertaining. But with the all-star break and the race to the playoffs ahead, fans should buckle up and get ready for even more fascinating NBA action.


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