It is a mega year for Megyese

Lindsey Jackson, Sports Reporter

One of the favorite coaches or teachers here at Michigan City High School is Coach Mike Megyese.
Coach Megyese is well known here at Michigan City High School.
He has been very active not only in the classroom setting but on the court and on the field as well.
He has been the head coach of the Girls’ Basketball Team here at Michigan City High School for six years and an assistant coach for the Wolves Softball team for five years.
Coach Megyese has accomplished a lot in his time here coaching.
“Coach Megyese is a great guy. He knows a lot about the game of basketball. He was definitely a great to coach to have my first year here at City,” Sophomore Jaireh Ratilff.
“My greatest accomplishment has to be seeing my student athletes go to college, and make a great life for themselves,” said Coach Megyese.
Being a coach definitely comes with a great deal of responsibility.
“The kids are what I love most about coaching. It is all about the kids, who I love as if they were my own,” stated Megyese.
As a coach, you need the help and cooperation of your captains.
Senior Raven Wood stated, “Megyese is a great person, all around. He came to Michigan City with championship knowledge. Throughout the years, he has begun to trust me more and more to make major decisions for the team.”
“My captains help keep the team united and overall just keep everyone focused on working towards our goals,” Megyese said.
Megyese has many goals that he hopes to accomplish this year.
“The main goal is to keep improving every day, socially, academically, and athletically,” said Megyese.
Coach Megyese has won nine sectional titles while coaching basketball. The Lady Wolves earned their last sectional title in 2012.
The Lady Wolves Basketball Team went up against the Hobart Brickies on Tuesday February 10 in their first round of sectionals.

“A major goal is winning another sectional title this year. That would be great,” Megyese included.
With the team wanting to honor our former athletic director, Robert “Bear” Falls, the team has a lot of motivation this year on the team this year.
“We all just want to be the best that we can be together. The passing of Bear also drives that motivation as well,” stated Megyese.
Coach Megyese sets the bar high for his players and he expects nothing but the best from his players.
He pushes them to be the absolute best that they can be.
“Coach Megyese is different from the other coaches I have had, because he gets the job done,” stated Senior Tinon Hunter.
Michigan City is definitely lucky to have Megyese here. There will never be another like him.
“I will miss the fun and serious moments that I have shared with him during the game. He is a good person and a great coach at heart and I adore that,” said Senior Michal Miller.

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