Coach Snyder is #Winning

Lindsey Jackson, Sports Reporter

In the classroom, you may know him as Mr. Snyder, but on the field, he is known as Coach Snyder.
He has been here at MCHS for the past three years as the boys’ track coach.
“The connection that I have developed with these boys makes me feel as though I have known them for numerous lifetimes,” said Coach Snyder.
The track team has numerous goals to accomplish this year, the main goal being to finish the season as one of the top four teams in the DAC.
“The best way for us to place in the top four, would be for Envoy to get several forms of identification and include him in every event,” stated Snyder.
Coach Snyder takes on a lot of responsibility as a coach.
Coach Snyder said, “My biggest responsibility is making sure that the track team represents MCHS in a positive way, but what I love most about my job is helping the athletes achieve their goals and #winning.”
Sophomore Jonathan Zerbes said, “Coach Snyder really pushes us to be the best that we can be. He teaches us valuable life lessons and makes us all work hard to accomplish our highest goals.”
With the help of Coach Snyder, the track team has accomplished many goals in the past.
“My greatest accomplishment thus far has been teaching Matthew Lockridge how to tie his shoes,” said Coach Snyder.
Laughing, junior Matthew Lockridge said, “I have learned quite a bit about how to run track from Coach Snyder. He is a hands-on coach who is not afraid to tell his athletes like it is. He expects nothing but the best from his athletes on and off the track.”
It takes a lot to keep a team motivated and driven. Coach Snyder and his athletes have come up with an interesting way to keep motivated. The track team uses the slogan “WWCVD” to keep themselves motivated.
Coach Snyder said, “The driving force for our team can be summed up by a slogan the distance runners have taken to saying, WWCVD, meaning “What Would Coach Volheim Do?” What would Coach V do after a workout in the weight room? One more set.” “What would Coach V do after throwing the disc? Throw it further. The saying even extends beyond athletics. My prom date just dumped me…WWCVD? Coach V would take the money that he would have wasted on dinner and flowers and he would instead put it into Roth IRA,” Coach Snyder continued.
Not most teams would come up with a slogan to keep motivated, but if it keeps the team driven or “#winning” as Coach Snyder would say, that is all that truly matters.

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