Methner rules the court

Methner serves at tennis practice

Methner serves at tennis practice

Michael Hebb, Sports Editor

Megan Methner hopes to lead the Michigan City High School girls’ tennis team to a highly successful season this year. The team has triumphed in past seasons, with many other successful players, including Methner, winning many different tournaments and meets.

Being a senior on the team, she is looked up to by younger players. Last year, there was only one senior on the team, so many juniors last year had to step up in a leadership role, too. This provided experience for her and other seniors this year to hopefully lead the team to a winning season this year.

For any student athlete, school can sometimes limit success in their respective sports. Grades may fall, homework can become increasingly difficult and frequent, and the stress of studying every night can overwhelm some students. Obviously, it has not stopped Megan from dominating the court.

With a 3.9 GPA over the course of high school, and even being enrolled in Academic Honors and Advanced Placement classes, she has stayed strong on the tennis court.

She hopes that the mixture of sports and academic success can translate to getting into a good college, specifically Ball State University (BSU).

“I would love to be able to attend BSU in the fall. I want to major in accounting and become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA),” said Methner.

To be successful in tennis, a player requires both a strong physical and mental game. Abigail Bildhauser said about Methner’s mental game, “She has a very strong mental game. She definitely has the upper hand against other opponents when it comes to that.”

Many players can be great at times, but it takes a steady amount of good play to be a truly great athlete. Kristen Palmer said about her consistency, “She is almost always playing tennis well whatever the situation. Megan is a determined athlete, and that could play into her ability to constantly play well.”

Winning sectionals is her first priority. For most Michigan City High School teams, this is also their goal. The girls’ tennis team has had past success in sectionals, so this year could be just another year for them to win it. With more seniors on the team, and as a result more leadership, they have a chance to dictate the conference this year.  Her future is important motivation for keeping her head in the game, but perhaps her past accomplishments can spur a great season.

Last year, Methner and her partner, Dayna Pedzinski, competed in the Highland doubles tournament. They placed first, and this was Megan’s “most memorable moment from tennis.”

They were down 1-6 in the first set, but came back to win the next two 6-2 and then 6-4. This represented both of their heart and playing ability.

The future of the team is vital, and Methner understands that. For young athletes to be successful, they need to have the right mindset.

Methner’s advice to up incoming tennis players is, “Remember that tennis is not only a physical sport; it is also a mental sport. You win or lose the match before you even go out there, so always be positive.” Dayna Pedzinski said, “It is good for our upcoming players to be exposed to the amount of skill she has.”

The influence Methner has on the younger athletes is important. If a varsity player, or senior, is not a good influence on the other players on a team, then they could potentially harm the team more than help it.

Claire Werner said about Methner’s influence on younger players, “She is a great influence for our upcoming athletes. She is a head strong player, and that helps new athletes a lot.”

The girls’ tennis team has a great player in Methner, and hopefully she can influence younger players into being just as great, if not better.



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