Spring break Korea

For spring break we wanted to do something different this year so my mom and I decided to go to South Korea. We would start our journey by flying from Chicago to Dallas and then a 14 hour flight to Inchon South Korea. Friday was our first day in Korea and we decided to take the city tour bus around Seoul.  We visited different tourist sites. We first stopped at the Korean War Museum.  I originally thought that this memorial was just for the Korean War but then we found out it was for every war in Korean history. As we walked up to the  museum, we saw about 75 Korean soldiers performing a drill routine and then about 6 soldiers holding and performing with flags. We then got to tour around the memorial and look at different war memorabilia. After the war museum, we went to this little village which was a replica of what a village looked like back in time. It was a pretty little area whitch was sort of like a little park witch was perfect for walking. To finish the day off we went to a traditional Korean performance. As we were walking into this performance a Chinese girl turned around and took a picture of me on her phone.  It was really weird but funny as well. The performance we saw was called Miso and it was a mixture of song and dance and was pretty amazing.

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