Seoul Day 2

Our second day, in Seoul we decided to take the DMZ Tour. This tour took us around to a bunch of different historical sites. First we had to take an hour bus ride from Seoul to the Demilitarized Zone. Once there we had to cross through this checkpoint, it was really weird because this South Korean solider came on to our tour bus and went around checking everyone’s passport which is standard procedure if you enter the DMZ. Then we crossed over a bridge they call the Cow Bridge. They call it that because the founder of Hyundai once lived in North Korea with his poor father. He wanted to escape communism, so he ran away from home and stole his father’s only cow and went to South Korea. He then worked till he became very rich as the founder of Hyundai.  He felt very guilty about taking his father’s cow, so he sent 1,001 cows to North Korea, but to get the cows there, they had to build a bridge. We then went to the Freedom Bridge where North Korea and South Korea sent over prisoners of war after the Korean War ended. We then went to my favorite stop– the Third Infiltration Tunnel. Four tunnels have been found so far and there are suspected to be about 20 more around South Korea. These tunnels were built by North Korea to have a sneak attack on South Korea. Only an engineer who had been working on these tunnels defected and told the South Korea government. North Korea denied the fact when confronted about the tunnels saying they were used just for coal mining, which seems like it would be a valid excuse except for the fact there is no coal in that area. So to make it seem like they were telling the truth they put coal dust all over the walls of the granite tunnel. The South Koreans weren’t fooled though.  The tunnel was really cool but if you are claustrophobic, I would not suggest it considering the tunnels were made for very short people. So me being 5’9 had to bend down through half the tunnel and the width is for two people to walk side by side. The tunnel was really spectacular and I would definitely suggest seeing it. The next stop was the observatory were we could look out onto North Korea. North Korea has this village which people call the fake village because no one was living there but they would have speakers blasting propaganda trying to attract people to defect to North Korea. Seeing that this was not working they stopped blaring the propaganda but the village is still there. By the village is the biggest flag pole in the world because South and North Korea had a contest to see who could have the bigger flag pole but South Korea finally gave up giving North Korea the biggest flag pole in the world.  The final stop was a train station. This station only has two trains each day– one to and from Seoul. The station was built to unify South and North Korea just in case they ever reunite and North Korea has one just like it waiting to be used. The station was really nice and big but it is never used and is just waiting for the day it will be. The tour was really great and I enjoyed it a lot. As for South Korea I love it more and more each day especially the food. I could write a whole paper about the food it’s that good!

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