Korea 2015

I have not been able to blog much since  wifi is sometimes hard to find. It seems to be everywhere except for when I need it especially so I can blog. Well my two weeks in Korea is coming to an end but I have so many things to talk about so I will just sum it up. We spent one more day in Seoul before we traveled to Busan. That last day in Seoul was Easter so since I’m Catholic we went to the Meyongdong Cathedral that place was HUGE. It was so big they had to have six tvs on the sides so everyone could see the mass. We then spent the day walking around this little shopping area called Insadong and saw this wonderful palace that the name is too long to even try to write out. At that palace which started with a C which is the main big palace in Seoul we got to see the secret garden.  Before we entered the garden the tour guide said,  “There are no spectacular buildings in here so do not think you will see anything grand this place is just simple.” Well she could not have been more wrong! There were buildings and rivers and streams everywhere it was gorgeous. Once we left we took a night tour of the city which was pretty cool. We then met two girls from New York and had dinner with them which was really fun. That wraps up Seoul so we then set out for Jikjisa Temple. At Jikjisa Temple we did a templestay whch consisted of relaxing,  meditation,  and chanting needless to say it was pretty amazing.  It was so different from what I have ever done before it was fun and interesting at the same time. Next stop was Busan we took a 2 hour train to Busan which is a beach area. We spent two days there hiking this beautiful national park, relaxing on the beach, and doing what seems to be the best in Korea is eating.

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