MCHS: Creativity Bursting at the Seams

Jasica Twardus, Feature Reporter

Strolling through the halls in Michigan City High School just got a whole lot brighter. Art classes at MCHS have tackled a new project of illustrating ceiling tiles. These creative masterpieces give each student an opportunity to bring their own personality into their work. The tiles feature natural landscapes, flying superheroes, and city skylines. One can only attempt to not gaze up at these eye-catching pieces.

Senior, Venus Bikos, captures the true meaning of a “wild cat” by combining these felines with a woodland scene.

The art classes have asked each classroom to create their own ceiling tile that best represents their subject. Despite, these new creative bursts, as well as past experiences such as painting pumpkins for Boo at the Zoo, the high school’s artistic plans continue to grow.
Art teacher as well as director of MCHS’s Art Club, Sandra Kedo, speaks of future plans. Murals and further decorations are to be considered at Ames field and the high school’s gym. Festive decorations for post prom are also being organized by the art club. “It’s important to keep up the school spirit for both the students and the school as a whole,” states Kedo. She also emphasizes the importance of highlighting one’s creativity. “There are over 3,000 jobs that require artistic ability, without art the watch on your wrist wouldn’t exist.” As Kedo says, blueprints of everything from watches to the latest cars, all require art. MCHS works to ensure that this unique outlet is open to it’s students. It encompasses classes ranging from beginner’s drawing to ceramics, to photography. With all these courses students are enabled to unleash their inner thoughts and express themselves. Studies have shown that work in arts correlates with progress in other studies such as math and english. It is the intrinsic value that these classes provide which accelerate such changes.
MCHS has specifically privileged opportunities to work with the growing artistic hub in downtown Michigan City. With professional artists as well as galleries available, students need only to look so far as Franklin Street to achieve inventive bursts of inspiration. Recently students have been invited to participate in art showings at the First United Methodist Church. These particular events take place on the first Friday of every month giving students unique opportunities to view others’ work, while displaying their own. If one only wishes try their artistic hand MCHS provides basic classes which prompt growth of the creative well being to expand through such art showcases and advanced classes like ceramics and photo II. Thanks to such opening experiences students can express themselves positively and impact the community in the process. cityzen
The MCHS newspaper staff unleashes their own artistic spirits.


A student captures the beauty of nature along with its vibrant colors.

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