Are your traits dominant or recessive?


In this image you can see the dominant traits of curly and dark hair. You can also see the recessive traits of strait blonde hair.

Katie Bildhauser, Advertising Manager/Reporter

Looking around the school people may notice that their peer’s appearances vary. This is because not everyone came from the same region of the world. Also, different traits are received from different parents. Everyone receives two of each trait from their parents, they can either be the same or different. People only need one dominant trait to receive that feature. If both traits are dominant, it is known as codominance.

Dominant traits are genetic traits that will most likely appear in the offspring if one of the parents contributes it. Recessive traits can be carried in a person’s genes without appearing in the person’s physical appearance. Dominant traits are more likely to be received than recessive ones. Dominant traits are usually received for physical appearances since they override recessive traits.

Dominant traits include brown eyes, dark hair, and freckles. Recessive traits include blue eyes, light hair, and normal vision. Different traits that could be affected include eye color, vision, hair type, and facial features. Having a dominant trait does not mean it is common. It just means it would beat a recessive trait. An example of this would be dimples. Having dimples is rare, but it is dominant.

People that have curly hair are usually from a family that lived near the equator since their thick hair can create protection for their heads from the sun. Human’s skin color is also determined by geographic features and the sun’s ultra violet radiation. Melanin, which is the skin’s brown pigment, acts as a natural sunscreen for people in the tropics.

People living in the tropics are exposed to the sun every day, so their skin is used to the UV rays. People there have naturally tan skin year round. People living in colder climates have pale skin because of low exposure to the sun. When people’s ancestors moved to different parts of the world, they took these traits with them. People’s appearances vary based on traits given by their parents, and where their ancestors are from.

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