Prom, a night to remember

Sage Santana, Feature Reporter

An epidemic has taken the school by storm-prom fever has hit Michigan City High School students once again. Countless upperclassmen cannot wait for May 16th. The talk of dates, dresses, and “prom-posals” are forming, and the excitement cannot be contained.
One of the highlights of this year’s prom is the theme. Unlike previous years, this year prom will break molds of “starry nights” or “masquerades” and be a Arabian Nights theme. The location will be out of town, at Duneland Falls Banquet Center at Portage. Although a little out of the way, Junior Vice President Kyle Hurt assures that it will be worth it.
“This prom is going to be legen-wait for it-dary.” says Hurt.
As for the student body, juniors and seniors alike are anticipatin the dance. Senior Alex Wyman, looks forward to his last prom “I am going to prom to spend time with my friends, since that will probably be the last time I see…them.”
As for junior, Jysica Zacriaz, she has high expectations for the night, but also looks forward to the preparations for prom, including shopping for her dress. “I am so excited to go shopping for my dress. I have to find a dress I really love.”
Junior Emily Knouse has picked out her dress, but is keeping it a surprise. However, she does look forward to the night. “I am very excited to hang out with other people and see the way the other girls are dressed.”
Although all the little details are important when planning and attending prom, for upperclassmen, it all begins with the “promposal.” Rather than just asking someone in a traditional way, many teenagers now are asking using “promposals”. This often includes an elaborate way of asking a date to prom, as shown in the picture nearby.
All of these “promposals” and new dresses do cost money, and the cost for this magical night can be hefty. The average ticket can range from $25-$75 dollars, depending on the venue. All these costs do add up, however, if one is willing to go, it prom can be an amazing night full of fun that students will remember forever.

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