Under pressure: Student face the stress of school

Sage Santana, Feature Reporter

As the academic year begins to wind down at Michigan City High School, the scramble to take the ACT and SAT and to sign up for courses for the next academic year heats up. All of this stress takes a toll on students. It is not just at the end of the school year, either. Students are more stressed now than ever over school work, classes, and activities. In a recent study, by USA Today, over 27 percent of students feel extreme amounts of stress over particularly, college preparation. However, heavy workloads, in and out of school obligations and sports and jobs do not help alleviate the pressure.
Senior, Dakota Lumbard remarked on his most difficult aspects of school for him. “The workload can be difficult. So is trying to balance schoolwork, work, and college stuff can be stressful.”
The stress of school can be overwhelming for students. Between schoolwork, sports, college prep, and out-of-school obligations such as work, students can easily become overwhelmed. For instance, out of a 200 students surveyed at Michigan City High School 89% regularly felt stressed or overwhelmed by schoolwork. Of those surveyed, exactly 90 perent participated in sports or other school-related activities. Out of those student-athletes, 77 percent felt that their sports or other activities did affect their levels of stress during those sports or activities. If students here at Michigan City High school feel overwhelmed during the school year by sports and activities, they can just as easily be overwhelmed by college prep (such as sending in applications, taking the ACTs, SATs, and applying for scholarships) or other obligations such as work.
What exactly makes students at Michigan City High School the most overwhelmed is not surprising. According to a recent survey, tests and quizzes are the most stressful, followed by homework and projects. In a close three-way tie came deadlines, difficult material, and finals. It should be kept in mind that although these were considered the most difficult, it varies for each student.
Nearly 50 percent of Michigan City High School students interviewed felt that they handled their stress in a negative way. This stress can lead to more problems, such as making unhealthy decisions, cutting class, settling for lower grades, and truancy. As for what students have to say about this stress and the pressure they feel, it is clear that the stress is well known.
That being said, the stress can lead to undermining the value of education. “I wish grades were not as big as a deal as they are. I feel like more stress are put on grades than on education.” comments Senior Olivia Glowacki.
Even if upperclassmen may feel more pressure that underclassmen, the underclassmen are very aware of what to expect.
“I do not feel too overwhelmed by schoolwork right now, but I know it gets more difficult.”
Darby Woolslayer.
Now that this knowledge of being easily overwhelmed has been established, the question comes as to what can be done to help relieve this stress. Clearly it is a huge problem that needs to be handled in a healthy way.
Some of the best ways to handle stress include to spend time doing a favorite activity, taking a break and spending time with friends and family, or to spend time in a favorite place. Whatever it is that one chooses to do help relieve the stress

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