Living for the Moment

Jasica Twardus, Feature Reporter

Reviewing these past four years, many events have been engraved in the senior class’s memories. These circumstances ranging diversely on the scale of good and bad are unique to every student. The perspective of each person will decipher the situation to his or her liking and choose what they will receive from the event. However, it is important to realize the power that one holds in this position. Each moment can be “bad” if he or she chooses it to be so. Or, one can look at it from a different standpoint. How will this situation better them? What can an individual do to better oneself? How can this be used to a person’s advantage?
Overall, high school is a small part of this journey called life. It simply prepares you for the next step. Hopefully those who are experiencing the exciting process of graduating at the moment, are actually enjoying the metamorphosis. It is important to stop and look at the details at hand, acknowledge the people that are involved at the time and recognize a person’s surroundings. Capture the moment at that precise second, for there will be no repeats.
Now, it is important to plan ahead. Hopefully, every individual has given some thought to his or her future. But just like the past, the future will eventually become a memory. Thus it is not worth endless hours of stressful planning and worrying. In some situations stress in general is pointless. The future will happen regardless of whether one considers his or herself prepared for it. This gives every person a reason to stop and smell the roses, cherish friendships, and laugh at past memories. Do not let it pass before one’s eyes. Life is meant to be enjoyed.
Online Senior Final

Seniors, Robert Day and Kristen Palmer congregate over their chemistry lab.

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